Annoying Minority Questions (Sh*t Straight People Say)

Daniel-Ryan Spaulding has created the most accurate representation of what it's like for straight people to talk to gay people about being gay...reversed it...

and fucking nailed it.

For your viewing pleasure, I give you "If Gay Guys Said the Sh*t Straight People Say..."

I remember when I was going to Freshman orientation there was a girl who asked me if I knew her friend 'Eric'. Eric...who lives in California... Who'd never been to Texas in his life.

"How would you think I know your friend Eric, then?"

"Well aren't you...? I're both... you know..."

Can we just stop giving any kind of fucks who people fuck or how they identify? Unless you're the one getting in my pants, why in the world should it matter?

What question are YOU tired of being asked as a minority? This can be a religious minority, sexual, orientation, gender, etc. What ridiculous question do people constantly ask that makes you think "if I asked you this question, how offended would you be?"

Answer in the comments below!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. With most of them I totally agree. People are WAY to concerned about what other people do in their private time. There are one or two that can be people being nosy, or someone genuinely concerned for their own reasons (how did you know you were gay, maybe they themselves have had thoughts in that direction). Though yeah, the question happens way too often for it to only be well-meaning people. It's sort of like guys asking questions or commenting on periods. Some are legitimately curious, while a lot are condescending or think it's gross. Ooh, also the 'witches worship the devil' thing.

    I think the main problem is the mentality of ' I am a certain way and it is THE ONLY WAY'. Which is why there is prejudice toward anyone different, since they can't open their minds to something else.

  2. "So you don't believe in God then?"

  3. I have a trans daughter and we went through all of the phases as she was discovering who she was. First she informed me she was bi and that was fine. Then as she got a bit older, she was gay and that was fine, too. Then at 15, I took her to a transgender doctor and she realized that what she was was trans. The doctor was amazingly helpful in explaining to my daughter what exactly was going on in her body and referred us to a therapist who worked with trans kids. Between the hormone therapy and the biological changes, it was a stressful few years. But she is a junior in college and a lovely, talented and intelligent young woman who is majoring in social science and is married and working as a counselor in a non-profit that works with trans kids who get involved in the sex industry. I am very proud of her and what she is doing with her life.

  4. AMEN BROTHAH MAN!!!! I hate when people ask me why I don't speak Spanish if I am Puerto Rican. BECAUSE I GREW UP IN AMERICA ASSHOLE!! I'm only half Hispanic anyway. Haha


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