Episode 87: Inciting A Contractual Riot (featuring Dr. Leah Torres & Cory Hutcheson)

Episode 87 of Inciting A Riot the podcast was a long time coming, but it's filled with some amazing special guests!

Dr. Leah Torres comes on to discuss issues of women's health, defines birth control, and discusses the recent Hobby Lobby Supreme Court ruling.

Cory Hutcheson stops by for a discussion of the recent Slenderman stabbings as well as a greater conversation of social contracts in and around our community. 

Dr. Torres can be found at LeahTorres.com or on Twitter @LeahNTorres.

Cory can be heard on his podcast New World Witchery, on twitter @ctsluna, or at his blog: NewWorldWitchery.com.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. I have no problem with the concept of expunging Bradley or Kline books from my library. I can no longer read their books without acknowleging the pain of their victims. The books are tainted. Avalon is now a land inhabited by closet child abusers. Just like I believe that mass murders names should not, by law, be acknowledged by the media, I believe that the life's work of child abusers should be destroyed. In both mass murders and child abuse, the criminals name should be replaced by the words "Total Loser". I would hope that this practice would at least allow dreams of notoriety to vanish. Is this harsh? Not as harsh as the crimes.


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