And we're all just fine with this...

Was going through my mundane and magical Facebook feeds today. Lots of bloviating on Ted Cruz's run for office, some new cranked out conspiracy theory involving the First Lady and weird "mass weigh-ins" for kids across the country... And I'm just sick of it.

So I wrote a thing on Facebook. Feel free to join the conversation there or in the comments below.

Where a black, American-born man has his eligibility questioned from before his presidency even began regarding his fictitious birthplace and irrelevant religious affiliation...
But a white guy that currently lives in Texas, but was most definitely born in another country, is allowed to run for an office that requires natural born citizenship because he "feels American" and got an American citizenship later in life. 
And nobody bats an eye.
Where white First Ladies since time immemorial can take up causes and champion reform for the rights of children, women, minorities, and more and the populace lauds praise and national love...
But a black First Lady makes her cause "nutrition, health, and wellness" of our children, and she's a villain forcing parents to watch as she hand-picks lunch menus and forces weigh ins and generally tells people how awful they are, specifically, at parenting.
And we buy in.
Where we have made gun ownership and public display of guns an emotionally charged battle cry about freedom and personal liberty so much so that we own more guns per capita than our supposed enemies Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran combined...
But if you try and make sure everyone has health coverage, you are equal parts terrorist, socialist, communist, fascist, enemy of the wealthy, enemy of the poor, and simply the worst President with the worst administration in the history of the country. 
Only in America (where we brag about being #1 at everything), a country that isn't even in the Top 20 when it comes to health of its citizens, thanks to obesity, diet, heart disease, and a life expectancy that is outranked by Chile, Slovenia, and a few dozen other countries, would we pride ourselves on making sure our government cannot give us healthcare because it violates our right to....I don't know...freedom? 
But we have the most armed citizenry in the world and rank #13 in the world for death by gun, 4th overall for suicide by gun, #19 in gun homicide, all of which outrank the countries that we are told by the 24 hour news media are the deadliest hot beds of violence and terror. 
And...we're all just fine with this. 
Sorry...but I'm not.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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