Episode 91: Inciting A Headology Riot

Rioters... I'm back.

While I realize that today of all days is an interesting time to revive the podcast from its diapause (more on that word later), I am not fooling you when I say that the new episode - the long awaited episode - of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast is finally here.

Today we're discussing the concept of Headology and whether or not it's something we're doing in creating our Pagan community and whether we as a community could survive without it. I reference Terry Pratchett's Discworld, the North Pond Hermit, and the Salem Witch Trials... Tying those together was a feat, but I hope it makes sense for you guys.

Episode 91: Inciting A Headology Riot

News: Indiana’s RFRA, Texas DOMA, Queen Elizabeth, Ted Cruz, Nuclear Deal with Iran, #RaceTogether

WOTD: diapause

Poetry: Good Knight

Spirituality: The Headology of Modern Pagan Community

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Fire Lyte


  1. I'd love to listen to it, but I can't get it to play...April Fool?

  2. I liked this episode. I enjoyed and was soothed by the introspective tone and found myself encouraged to do some introspection. I never "left" the pagan path and the tent posts you talk about were part of the reason I did "leave". The never resonated with me and I as I have lurked on the fringes of the path and community, I think I was waiting for something, something I call maturity. The need for distinct posts melding into an abstract confidence born from understanding something fundamental, true, and only esoteric to the uninterested or antagonistic.
    Maybe that's acceptance. Accepting that being pagan is okay, being pagan and mundane is okay, being pagan in robes or jeans is inconsequential. I don't want to go too far as I feel like it all needs more thought on my part.
    Good to have you back.


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