My Circle's Journey

The altar from our recent Ostara ritual.

Ever since I saw the movie The Jane Austen Book Club... I knew I wanted to be in a book club. I wanted to have literary adventures alongside dear friends and wine and impromptu misadventures. January 2012 saw the first meeting of my first book club. That first meeting there were only three of us. Four had joined the group, but one couldn't make it. So...the three of us set about embarking on our first literary journey as a group.

The book was The Night Circus, and I had many feelings about it. Mostly I was really angry with a character named Tsukiko...though to be honest I can't remember why. (But, seriously, I hated Tsukiko.)

There were some phenomenal book choices over the years - This is Where I Leave You, The Dovekeepers - and some stinkers - don't ever read The Twilight Before's the worst. (Rug burn on your vagina...seriously. That was a topic in the book.) And we grew. From the initial four members we grew and shrank in size until we'd nearly doubled. And from that book club, something even more important grew: my first circle.

We first circled together last year as a kind of house blessing when Husband and I were still moving into our first home. From there we knew we had something special. Five of us that each so perfectly represented Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. Honestly, it started off as five people that raised circle, cried a lot, and then drank wine. But it's grown into the most spiritually fulfilling practice I've ever had. A place where we can let the strangest most witchy parts of ourselves out to play without judgment and a desire for experimentation.

Circling on the sabbats grew into Tea & Tarot on the Thirteenth, a fun little practice of having a divination themed tea party every Friday the thirteenth. And from there it's grown into finding any excuse to get together to go witchy shop hopping or hit up a nearby rock show (when I told some co-workers I was going to a rock show, they asked who was playing. When I showed them a picture of my new apophyllite they called me a nerd.).

One of the members of our group is moving soon, and we've all had quite the roller coaster of emotions about it. There have been tears. Tears as a group and individually. Phone calls and endless group texting. And, assuredly, unexpressed fears that this will inherently change the nature of our circle...interrupt something we've all come to cherish.

But I think there is a lesson here. A lesson that, as the Wheel turns, so must life. In the immortal words of one of my favorite movies:

"Come on guys, we can't just rest on our laurels!"
"Why does everyone say that? Maybe a laurel is a good place to rest."  

I have no secret tips for finding a circle. I have no secret wisdom for finding a group of people that think along your spiritual wavelength and want to spend time building a practice with you. I do, however, believe that it's been the most enriching spiritual experience of my life. And while it is changing a bit, the circle is never broken. Geographically, it might be a bit more oval shaped now, but I think oval can be a pretty powerful shape, too.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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