Literary Maven, Vinna Harper, and I have spent the last several months quietly crafting our own little not-actually-a-spin-off show. It's a pet project where we invite listeners to submit their favorite guilty pleasures in the realms of music, movies, literature, and pretty much anything else. We take a listen/watch/read and review it! In podcast form!


Well, because apparently the other 7,243 "bad ____ review" style shows just weren't enough. THE WORLD NEEDS ANOTHER BAD MOVIE PODCAST! Also, because we wanted to, and we were already watching bad movies all the time anyway.

The show is called Because Reasons, and it comes out EVERY TWO WEEKS! I know...I know... Every two weeks?! You can't even get the Riot out consistently. 

Never fear, Rioters! We already have the first 5 episodes recorded, and are planning on releasing them every other Friday, and will continue to record in the meantime so that we can keep up with our self-imposed deadline!

What should YOU DO?! How can YOU HELP?! I know these are all questions you're asking yourself. 

Firstly, you go and like and follow all of our things:

But! We also need your help! We'd like SUBMISSIONS! If you have a favorite guilty pleasure, we want to hear about it. Our ideal guilty pleasure is a piece of culture that you absolutely think is overlooked as being truly great. A film you think gets undeserved criticism. An album or book you think is wildly underrated. That one thing that you love that all your friends chide you for! Now is the time for redemption!

Email and tell us WHAT your guilty pleasure is, WHY it's so great, and WHAT specific reasons make it a truly redemption worthy endeavor! 

The only thing we ask is this: please don't submit something that you think is good because it's bad. We want pieces of culture that you're truly passionate about! That you believe deep down in your Britney Spears in Crossroads loving heart are actually worthy of our esteem! 

If yours is chosen, we'll use it for an upcoming episode!

It was just submitted to iTunes today, so it will likely take a couple of weeks until it is able to be searched. Until then, you can find it through the direct links above.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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