In reflection of my abundance.

There's a lot of emotion this week. A lot of things to feel. There are political candidates inciting violence against minorities and new videos spurning protest here in Chicago for justice. There is Thanksgiving and there are those working on this holiday as though it were any other day of the year, as though we aren't all people that deserve one day reserved purely for sitting with our families and being grateful for what we have in abundance already. There is capitalism's favorite holiday and the sure fire bet that someone somewhere in America is not going to live to see the weekend, because they got trampled to death over a cheap TV.

Last year I was flying back from my grandfather's funeral in Texas. There was the mixed emotion of saying goodbye and hello to family I very rarely get to see. There was the McDonald's burger and soda I had that was my Thanksgiving dinner in the back room of my last retail job. In many ways today is the anniversary of the day I knew I had to find a way to do better for myself and my family.

This year I actually got to go see my family...on my own time...when I wanted...of my own accord. It was a happy visit. The happiest visit we've had in years. We all walked away feeling like a family for the first time in...well...I honestly can't say. Years, definitely. But, how many? Was it when I graduated college? Before that? Not sure. Nonetheless, this year, this time, we felt like family. We stuck up for one another and consoled one another and laughed with one another and fed one another, substantially.

And with a new career comes a change in finance and time and other personal, internal matters that occur when you're changing the landscape of your life. And while the money hasn't been exactly what one could hope for, it's getting better, but, more importantly, I've created more art this year than ever before. I got to say yes to art shows. I was in a fucking art gallery. Me! In a real art gallery. For real. (The show is still running for a few more weeks if you're interested.) I've had weekends. I've lost 25 pounds of stress weight I put on when I was working 85 hours a week for a boss who said I wasn't working enough. I've lived. I've gained so much more awareness of self.

I've been very proud of the Riot this year. The podcast, though not as robust as in year's past, has been a quality product. And, I'm glad. Going into my seventh year of Inciting A Riot: the Podcast, I'm proud to say it's still around and better than ever. (In my opinion, of course.) I feel as though what is being said matters and that I'm not just putting out shows in order to keep up with a schedule or simply create content. Thank you for letting the show evolve organically and necessarily.

Today is the first Thanksgiving since 2008 that I am not in retail. It's the first time in six years that I get to enjoy a quiet few days in reflection of my abundance. And, selfishly, I'm going to do that. The Riot will be recorded for the 98th time this week, and I'm excited that we're rounding in on 100 episodes. And there is a lot happening. There are politicians and protests and plenty of reason to incite a riot. But...for me...that is tomorrow. That is after I sit in a place of thankfulness for this year. This year of discovering who I wanted to be and going after it relentlessly.

May you and your family and loved ones have a day of pure gratitude (sans capitalism). May you sit in abundance of love and fellowship and have the ability to realize that both the triumph and the darkness were gifts of the past year, and may you find a way to be equally thankful for each.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


  1. It is so good to hear that this year has been so good to you. You have worked so hard to get here and it is nice to see that you are finally at that point where you get to experience the nice holidays that you have spent so much time in years past helping others to achieve. Congratulations on the enjoyable holiday; you've earned it!!


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