Grammar Police: In defense of 'Fleek'

Ahem... Let me explain why this meme is bullshit: Shakespeare. Shakespeare wrote his plays in the language of the common person; street speak. He wrote the way people spoke using words - many being neologisms - that common, everyday folks used. Slang. Colloquialism. Idiom. Shakespeare would have TOTALLY used Fleek, Turnt, etc. in his plays, because it is how people in the real world talk. Like it or not. There is the kind of speech one uses when writing or presenting in a professional or academic setting, and then there is the language one uses in the every day. I don't say 'y'all' when writing an academic paper on the sociological impact of racial tension in politics. I wouldn't give a presentation to a client at work filled with the phrases "throwing shade" or "I'm feeling busted". But, I absolutely use them in common, verbal speech with friends, acquaintances, and during daily interpersonal discourse. The other issue with this meme is that it is, technically, false equivalency. It is not that the words "you're" and "your" are misunderstood; it is that they are misspelled frequently. This is not the same thing as the person being unable to understand the term. If you were to aurally experience the sentence, "Your going to the grocery store," you wouldn't notice the missing possessive 'you're'. You would understand that the person is going to the grocery store. It is only in writing that the difference is noticeable and grating. It may belie a difference in education, using the incorrect spellings, or it may imply laziness or a haphazard autocorrect or a simple lack of care in ensuring that your hastily tapped out reply to a Facebook meme during your coffee break is grammatically sound. Either way, it isn't a judgment on a person's character. Except... When someone is being needlessly pedantic on social media, needling away at some factual inaccuracy or obscure detail mistake in order to make themselves look morally and intellectually superior because they pointed out that SOMEONE WAS WRONG ON THE INTERNET, and they misspell one of these common words. Then, absolutely, troll that motherfucker...grammatically. Love and Lyte, Fire Lyte


  1. Slang happens. Language evolves. Grow up people... though it's usually the older generation(s) that have this issue. You don't like a word, don't use the word. Not hard -_-

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