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Episode 12: Inciting A Proprietary Riot

Jaguar Inductee: Richard Engel

Christmas Underwear Bomber

Ted Nugent: Douchebag Inductee

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Will it happen? and other mess

'Tis the Season of Giving...and Giving...and Giving...and being BROKE!

Avatar: the Review

Blessed Yule/Winter Solstice!!!

Eastwick: WATCH IT

Yule is tomorrow!!!

Episode 11: Inciting A Private Riot

The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane

Tears on Tyra and the Great Sadness

Atheist? You can't get elected!

Does the news come to Tennessee?

Employers Networking Socially and Sexting

I'm not Bumping anything.

Episode 10: Inciting A Balanced Riot

Argggh!! Podbean!

Too Cold To Live

Coming Out Straight By Cuddling

Ye Olde Bible Fixin' Project


Episode 9: Inciting A Studious Riot

RIP deo's

Episode 8: Inciting A Filtered Riot

Obama following the Bush doctrine...?

An Honest to God(dess) Filter