Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why Tom Daley being Gay kind of sucks.

His speedo brings all the boys to the yard. Damn right, it's better than yours.
Four months ago, social media became ablaze with the news that Tom Daley - adorable British diving Olympic speedo-clad sensation - was...not a heterosexual man. In a video he recorded and posted to his YouTube channel last December, the heartthrob proclaimed that he was in a relationship with a man, but that he still '[fancied] girls'. While he didn't use, and insisted that he didn't want to use, the label of bisexual, people inferred that he was, at the very least, representing the folks out there in the middle of the Kinsey scale. Today, he's setting social media ablaze again...because he's decided he prefers the label 'gay'.

And...the more I think about that...the more it sucks.

Rooted (new-to-you poem)

I'd completely forgotten about this poem until I found it a few weeks ago.

Written in 2010.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kenny Klein Arrested for Child Porn

Waking up today I expected to groggily drink a glass of water and then down several cups of caffeine followed by an acceptably healthy breakfast and a car ride to work. I never expected to wake up to the news that Kenny Klein - pagan author and musician - has been arrested and charged with 25 counts of possession of child pornography.

In what seems to be an open and shut case, Klein was arrested yesterday morning at 7:00am after a tip-off to authorities regarding his online activity:

Kenneth Klein, 59, was arrested around 7 a.m. at his home on the 2800 block of Carondelet Street. Detectives in the State Police Special Victims Unit began investigating Klein in February after receiving a tip about his online activities. Upon executing a search warrant of Klein's residence, they discovered on his computer a large volume of explicit photos and videos involving minors under the age of 13 engaging in sexually explicit activities, according to an arrest report. Klein admitted to detectives that the computer was his and that he had used the computer to share and download the explicit material, the report says.

When I look to our pagan leaders for statements, what I find is disturbing. Peg Aloi's article on the issue has a quote from her friend and fellow Patheos blogger, Lilith Dorsey who said this:

Monday, March 24, 2014

Pizza for Lent and the Nature of Sacrifice

The top items people are saying they will be giving up for Lent this year.
This weekend is big in our family. Partner's entire family comes in from all parts of the country to celebrate their collective birthdays. Literally, their collective birthdays. His birthday, his brother's birthday, his mother's birthday, and his step-father's birthday are all this week. You think it would suck to have a Christmas birthday? Try having your special day shared with everyone in your family.

So, this weekend we all went out to a local Italian(ish) restaurant, and my future sister in law refused an offer of ordering pizza. She said:

"I gave up pizza and dessert for Lent."

To which I immediately responded (come knew I would), "Do you eat a lot of pizza?" 

"Not really," she said.

Then I asked what constituted dessert. (I cannot leave Well Enough alone.) Like, could she not have anything sweet after her meal? She determined that she could have fruit after her meal, because that's not dessert. I pushed it a little further.

"Could you have yogurt after your meal?" I asked.

"Yeah, because that's not dessert," she said.

"So, you could do a yogurt parfait, then?"

"Of course, because it isn't dessert."

I then asked what constituted dessert, and she gave some muddled answer that seemed to contain the word 'chocolate' several times. Again, she doesn't really eat much in the way of rich chocolate desserts. So, I asked her what seemed the obvious question at the time:

"If you don't eat any of this very often, what are you giving up?"

Her answer at first made me giggle, and then, today, I realized how honest and sobering it really was...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The First of Many Things

Today is the first day of Spring! In about 2 hours, give or take, we will officially be through with least according to the calendar. And, while Mother Nature seems to still be a little confused as to what season it is here in Chicagoland (it rained yesterday, snowed a little this morning, and has settled on being generally dreary the rest of the day) there are nevertheless signs of change.

Snow is, slowly, giving way to the greenery of the next season. While still a bit chilly, there is life underneath just waiting to burst through.

On the edges of my yard and along the house, the tulips have decided to choose, appropriately, the first day of spring to make themselves known.

Kika sniffed around all the greenery for a good half hour making little happy noises and running around the yard in glee.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sock Magic

Magical tools can be found in all sorts of strange places these days. From conversations about turning your potpourri warmer into a slow-burning witchy cauldron, to using your iPod as a divinatory device, people are getting witchy where they can these days. In bygone eras our witchy ancestry, so we're led to believe, used what they had on handle - the broom, the cauldron, the sickle - because it's what they had. Not because a broom is more magical or special than any other household object.

And so, with all that very serious background, let's make magic with socks!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Art Flood Sale

As many of you know, my home was flooded a few weeks ago. We're still fighting with the insurance company over exactly how much they plan to cover. (Apparently 100% doesn't mean what it used to mean.) As such, I have realized exactly how much art I have on my walls and need to store long-term.

So, I'm having a flood sale! I know a lot of you have been so generous with your positive comments in the past regarding my artwork - - and have expressed you'd like to buy an original piece. Now is your chance.

Today through Sunday, March 16, I'm letting you take 40% off every purchase over $10. So, anyone who's been wanting an original painting from's a great time to make that happen. It's a huge help, because I wouldn't have to store it...and the money doesn't hurt either.

Head on over to Torch And Paintbrush to take a peek and see what you'd like to take home today!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

Below are some examples of my artwork... Enjoy!

Why nobody's Looking...

This morning I woke up, I stumbled from bed, I let my dog go out to relieve herself, opened a can of cat food, put a scoop of dry dog food in the dog bowl, and sank back into bed. A short while later, Partner came home from work and got under the covers, too. We, of course, engaged in what every couple does on a lazy Sunday morning when you're both off work: we drank tea and caught up on some Netflix.

This is why nobody wants to see television shows or movies about real people doing real things for real. Real people are incredibly boring with occasional run-ins with excitement.

A lot of people in the gay blogosphere have been talking about the HBO show "Looking". In short, it's the new "Queer as Folk", a show about gay people being gay in their gay lives. Instead of a chilly Pennsylvania town, it's San Francisco, California, the alleged gay capitol of America. While critics seem to enjoy the show - 89% of critics gave it a positive review - fans everywhere aren't happy with it. Their chief complaint?

It's boring as Hell.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Episode 86: Inciting Sarah Lawless' Riot

Episode 86 of Inciting A Riot features an interview with Sarah Lawless, arguably one of the most successful pagan shop owners in the business.

We discuss Traditional Witchcraft, research, what it means to be a good teacher, and the White Dove of Peace.

Find Sarah at or on Twitter @ForestWitch!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

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@IncitingARiot on Twitter

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Monday, February 3, 2014

TV Review: American Horror Story (yes, all of them)

Before we begin our review, a quick note: I do include spoilers from seasons 1 & 2. I do not include spoilers from season 3, as I know many have not watched it in its entirety yet. So, read on without fear...

Initially, I wasn't going to write a review for American Horror Story: Coven, the third season of the hit series from Ryan Murphy that just wrapped its finale on FX this past week. I felt that I was being unfair in my own expectation of the show, that I was jumping on the social media-inspired bandwagon of disappointment for this show.

To be fair to you and to myself, I had to admit that it was a far cry from season one (retroactively titled Murder House when someone decided each season had to have a distinct title) in a good way. Season one's story, about a family that moves into a haunted house, was initially quite simple. In fact, in retrospect, I feel it was overly simple and suffered from being improperly elongated into 12 episodes. *Season 1 Spoiler Alert*

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Strange Name Debate

Unique arguments begin to arise when you're presented with opportunities you had assumed were never going to be opportunities. Namely, pardon the pun, marriage. For me. My marriage. The one happening this year.


The unique argument in this situation is what to do about my name. Now, if you're a straight couple in America, chances are that this is less of a debate for you. The husband's name is what becomes the family name. It's a patriarchal tradition that is slowly starting to lose it's grip on the younger generation. Young women these days want to keep their name, or couples hyphenate their name, or they come up with some new name.


But, now there's gay marriage.


And I have no idea what the new tradition is supposed to be.


I don't think there is one.


I think I'm supposed to make a decision that feels right.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Episode 85: Inciting A Gender Riot

Episode 85: Inciting A Gender Riot

Today we are dealing with the incredibly sensitive issue of gender. A quick note to parents: we will be discussing issues of sex, sexuality, gender identity, as well as frankly referring to male and female sex organs. If you are listening with your children, you may decide to listen to this episode first before sharing to decide if it is right for your child. While none of the topics discussed are graphic, explicit, or otherwise inappropriate, I realize this is a touchy area for many. As such, listen first and then use your judgment.

I would also like to note that there is no possible way we could discuss everything related to gender identity, sexuality, sexual orientation, or expression in one podcast. While I feel we were able to get to many important points, I am almost positive we missed something.

Likewise, this discussion should be understood to be the opinions of the three individuals involved. Nobody on this episode is intending to speak for anyone but themselves. As such, if you feel that what someone says doesn’t fit with your definition or understanding of gender identity or the issues surrounding it, please feel free to write in. This show thrives on feedback, and yours is always welcome.

All this being said, I invite you to enjoy this episode of the Riot. I hope it inspires an honest dialogue in your social circle and broadens your understanding of this misunderstood social group.

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SJ Jacobs




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@IncitingARiot on Twitter
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Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Welcome ONRAC Listeners! (An intro to the Riot)

This month I had the esteemed privilege of being the guest on one of my favorite podcasts: Oh No, Ross & Carrie! They interviewed me about Paganism, what it means to be Pagan, Pendulums, possibly penises, and Prodigious Punning was Parlayed. (Seriously, you're welcome for that.) Since I realize that for many listeners of ONRAC this is possibly the first time you've ever heard of me, and by extension the Pagan community, I thought I would put together a little primer of Inciting A Riot. It comprises episodes that I feel encompass the scope of what The Riot does, articles I feel pretty proud of, and favorite interviews from the 5 years of inciting this here riot.

If you'd like to subscribe to the show (and rate/comment on the show), links are above in the "The Show" tab, or just click here to go directly to iTunes. Thank you for checking out the site, and welcome to Inciting A Riot!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Coming home tonight I'd almost forgotten about the full moon. Silly, right? I get so tied up thinking about work, dinner, the Christmas decorations that I still need to put in the attic. (After first taking them down...) The book I'm dying to finish. The gym I will be ignoring.

Am I the only one that doesn't mind decorations staying up a little too long?

And then I parked my car in my garage, walked to my mailbox, and looked up. There she was. 

I knew that on this brilliant, cloudless night, my words would be heard. My prayers lifted on beams of silver to the heavens. For the face of the Goddess was most definitely shining on me. 

Funny, because I am so rarely sure of things in the spiritual. I operate on a principal of automatic disbelief until I learn more, read more, hear more, see more. I think new or different things sound interesting, even fantastical, but I am so rarely willing to give over to them. 

Which leaves me feeling


But tonight, under this moon, and Her face, and seeing not only a cloudless sky but a seeming call to lay down arms. To accept and be beguiled and enjoy the Mystery. 

If only for this one cloudless, blissful night of hot cocoa and warm blankets and porch sitting deciding to believe all over again.

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

Saturday, January 11, 2014

#PaganRage (AHS: Coven & Broomsticks in Uncomfortable Places) - Let me help you get that chip off your shoulder about how a TV show got something wrong.
Growing up I was a voracious reader. Living in a town of 585 people, hundreds of miles away from anything anyone in my current home of Chicago would call a city, one had to find ways of entertaining themselves. Books were my gateway to other cities, other cultures, other worlds entirely. I read the encyclopedia for fun, because history is always best when it can be condensed into a 1 page article spanning thousands of years. You get to hear all the good parts and ignore all the icky filler. (He said with tongue firmly placed in cheek.)

My earliest favorites were a mixture of comic book superheroes and Greek mythology. I read Edith Hamilton's Mythology before I read more age appropriate material, like Goosebumps. Still one of my favorite gifts from my uncle is a now incredibly worn out hard back copy of Arthur Cotterell's Encyclopedia of Mythology, which has gone on to become a much larger, more encompassing tome.

I grew up, too, reading the myths of Jean Grey and the Phoenix force of creation and destruction. Of Wonder Woman and Thor and Green Lantern and whatever the hell Aquaman keeps getting retconned into. As is seemingly the natural course of things, that early love of the superhero, both ancient and modern, developed into a deep and abiding love for science fiction and fantasy. One of the lessons I had to learn early on in my love of the genre is that it is, indeed, fantasy. It can be taken as a social commentary (Fahrenheit 451), a harbinger of things or ideas that might come to pass (The Hunger Games), or a beautiful supposition of the way life might have been in another time or if certain events had not occurred (The Mists of Avalon).

But, the lesson is that, in fantasy, it is not to be taken as a true account of how history happened.

Unless it's got something to do with Pagans...

What I'm saying right now: