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Episode 146: Inciting Patti Wigington's Riot

Episode 146: Patti Wigington is back! We are celebrating her new book Herb Magic as well as getting a sneak peek at her upcoming book Badass Ancestors, out in September 2020. Since Patti has spent most of her career as a Pagan advice columnist, we thought it would be a fun opportunity to throw a number of listener-submitted questions at her and test her witchy advice-giving capabilities on the spot! A special thanks to all those whose questions we used - Peter, Emilia, Alexandra, Renee, Teresa, Joe, Nicole, Amelia, Polly, and Angela - and a big thanks to everyone else who submitted, but we ran out of time! Perhaps we can get Patti back on in the fall for another Q&A!
Find out more about Patti at her website.

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