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Episode 160: Inciting Maggie Tokuda-Hall's Riot

Episode 160 is a n interview with author Maggie Tokuda-Hall about mermaids, pirates, writing queer, inclusive narratives, and setting stories in a world that doesn't center whiteness. Find out more about Maggie at her website here.  Patreon supporters heard this show first! Consider giving a small donation to ! You’ll get cool rewards like unedited video and audio podcasts from Inciting A Riot and Inciting A BrewHaHa, as well as bonus extras not published anywhere else, plus deals and coupons! Patrons are charged on a per-creation basis, so you only pay for the content you want! Love and Lyte, Fire Lyte Blog: @IncitingARiot on Twitter / Instagram Subscribe/Rate/Comment on iTunes: Spotify:

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