Episode 180: Inciting A Witch vs Witch Riot - with Thorn Mooney

Being an author shares a lot of similarities with being a witch. Much of the work we do is alone, toiling away at improving skills or deepening our knowledge about obscure topics. Should we work in groups it's typically in very small circles of trusted peers. The other way that witches and authors are alike is that the general public has a lot of very wrong opinions about what it's like to be one. 

So, that's why Thorn Mooney, author of the new (phenomenal) book The Witch's Path and I sat down to chat about publishing, marketing, the pressures that come with authorship, the weird authority we place on books, and the writing process itself. It's a long conversation in which we interview each other about our respective work, our goals, and where we each want to go from here. 

You can find more about Thorn Mooney here

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