Episode 104: Inciting A Fluffy Riot (and a day at Chicago Pagan Pride)

Episode 104 of Inciting A Riot Podcast is a day at Chicago Pagan Pride 2016. 

I also spend the episode meditating on our community, and specifically the term Fluffy Bunny.

Special thanks to Twila York, Michael Greywolf, Mike Indovina, Cheshire Moon, Selena Fox, Veronica Daylight, Vinna Harper, Katrina Ray-Saulis, Jay, and Greenwolf for sharing your thoughts with me and the Riot audience. 

More about Chicago Pagan Pride:

Twitter: @ChicagoPaganPri (Note the spelling)

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Vinna’s Book Recommendation:

Ocean Vuong - Night Sky with Exit Wounds

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  1. Great episode as always. I don't get to interact with much of the community myself. When you say "if you haven't already heard, what rock do you live under." your talking about me. Even then I have three pagan friends and two I would refer to as fluffy. One is more in a good way, the other... Not so much. I've been trying to stop using fluffy her as I don't feel right using the same word for her as the friend who is just a very sunny and bubbly personality and not as well read as she could be.

    I was so happy to hear Velma's voice again and the "whats up witches" made my day. Hearing that inciting a brewhaha is coming back next month has me super excited. Can't wait.


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