The Tibeb Girls (Or, the Best New Kids' Thing in the World Today)

Kids' shows have had a long history of promoting diversity and inclusion. Sesame Street, Captain Planet, Power Rangers, X-Men, The Magic Schoolbus, and a veritable truckload of other shows have all ensured their casts and storylines are intersectional, representational, and, in many cases, pushing the boundaries of social convention by promoting tolerance before it's popular and change before it's necessary. It's one of the reasons why I still, as an adult, find comfort and solace in binge watching some of my favorites from time to time. They're a great reminder of who I wanted to be as an adult and an impetus to constantly veer towards being that person. 

And now, in Ethiopia, that same level of socially conscious kids' show is getting its day. 

Meet the Tibeb Girls. Three super powered girls from Ethiopia who combine their abilities to defend innocent individuals from harm. From the Whiz Kids Workshop - creators of the show:

We are excited to introduce a new action-drama radio show about three young girls who use their superpowers to fight against injustice and the many harmful practices Ethiopian girls routinely face. Using their powers to see the past and future, Tibeb Girls draws the audience into the typical lives of Ethiopian girls, building empathy for their hardship and a vision of a brighter future. Tibeb Girls puts girls’ issues at the center and provides examples of girls asserting themselves, problem-solving, and implementing solutions. By broadcasting a program that will examine harmful practices and explore girls’ agency in addressing those challenges, Tibeb Girls will foster a culture of conversation among girls, families, and throughout the broader community. Through our partnerships detailed below, the Tibeb Girls is an Ethiopian-led, innovative, scalable and sustainable approach to measurably improving coordination around girls’ issues in Ethiopia.

This radio and television program is still getting off the ground, but the fact that it exists, where it exists, and is aimed at young girls in an area of the world where simply being a young girl is a dangerous thing, is probably the best thing in the world today. 

Take a gander at their intro:

This is the first full-length animated series to come out of Africa. It's locally written, produced, designed, and directed. 

Big. Major. Awesome. Kudos. 

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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