Episode 125: Inciting A Hallowed Riot (2018)

Blessed Samhain, Rioters! 


Noe Venable - Feral
Cool to be a Witch - Alexian
The Dead South - In hell I’ll be in good company 
Melanie Martinez- Milk & Cookies
The High Price of Necromancy- Split Lip Rayfield
Shores of Avalon - Tina Malia
The Witch Song - Julie Felix
A Little Wicked - Valerie Broussard
Bartholomew - The Silent Comedy


The Moss of His Skin - Anne Sexton
Her Kind - Anne Sexton


To Be Rid of Anger - Valerie Worth - Crone’s Book of Magical Words
Water Divination - Gillian Kemp - The Good Spell Book

Knots of Chaos - Dorothy Morrison - Utterly Wicked

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte


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