Episode 127: Inciting A Professional Psychic Riot

Episode 127 of Inciting A Riot features an interview with professional psychic, author, and tarot adviser Courtney Weber.

We discuss what it means to be a psychic, charging for services, spotting a fraud, and dealing with stubborn clients. Don't worry, though, we also discuss the expectation for results and repeat clients, scientifically testing psychic claims, being proved wrong, and what it means to be a scrupulous psychic.

This special, unedited edition of Episode 127 also features a mock psychic hotline call. So, Patreon supporters, check your feed. I ask Courtney real questions about my real life and get real answers...just like if I called her phone line. You can judge for yourself how you think it goes. Did she draw only Death cards? Is the Tower looming over my future? Find out!

Find Courtney at:


Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

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