Episode 145: Inciting A Black Lives Matter Riot

Episode 145 is an open conversation among Black activists and spiritual leaders regarding recent protests, police brutality, whether watching The Help solves racism, what it means to be a good ally, and specifically how white authors, teachers, and publishers in Paganism assist in the erasure of Black Pagan voices. 

My sincere gratitude to the 7 people who stepped forward and were willing to speak on this matter. It was an act of emotional labor and courage, and I hope the community at large will listen, get uncomfortable, and grow. 

For more from the contributors to this episode, please find their information below:

Phoenix Coffin-Williams
Find him on Facebook or email rev.phoenix1@gmail.com.

Cat Thagard
Niagara witches and pagans group on FB 
Cat and Monkey Events on FB

Tiffany Newson
Instagram: SankofaNewsonAcademy

Lilith Dorsey

Rebeca Spirit
Find her on Facebook as Rebeca Spirit or Instagram @RebecaSpirit1

Amanda Troutman

Crystal Blanton

Resources to learn more or give donations:

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