Episode 172: Inciting A Pilgrim Riot

Almost everyone at some point looks around at their lives and asks why. We wonder why our family believes in the politics we do or eats the foods we eat. We also wonder about where our beliefs come from. Oftentimes those questions and the subsequent journey after lead people to interact with the magical community. But, what if you are already here? What if you were raised in a magical household? Where do your questions take you, then? To other religions?

Dr. Eric Scott is a co-editor for The Wild Hunt, a researcher on the subject of spiritual pilgrimage, and has the unique quality of having been raised by witches. He did what many of us do. He looked around at his magical existence and asked where it all came from and whether it all fits his worldview, and then he set out to find those answers. 

What he finds is just about what you’d expect to find: that a lot of what he believes and practices was simply cobbled together or made up in recent decades by…some guy. So, the question is then…what do you do when you find out that your belief system and worldview is made up? By some guy? And is there still value to be found in faith despite knowing its origins?

Find more of Eric Scott here.

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