Episode 175: Inciting A Heathen Riot

isn't immune to society's ills. While the same issues that plague the culture at large exist in all parts of our community in some way, it is groups associated with Norse Paganism - and all its related and parallel names, Asatru, Heathenry, Germanic Reconstructionism, and more - that most often come under scrutiny. White supremacy. Transphobia. Homophobia. Xenophobia. When one sees a headline from inside our community mentioning Heathens or Asatru or the like, there is a bit of white knuckling that happens before you click the mouse as you wonder...which one is it this time? 

It can be difficult to navigate an authentic spiritual journey into Heathenry because of its associations with these and other issues, and those who do are often afraid to tell others they are Heathens for fear that they'll immediately be labeled a Nazi, or at least a Nazi sympathizer. However, one person is doing just that on the podcast Heathen's Journey. 

Siri, the creator and host of the show, is a queer, non-binary practitioner who is hoping to reclaim the moniker of Heathen from those who would use it as a racist cudgel. They are my guest on episode 175, and we have a wide-ranging and discussion that doesn't shy away from topics such as why white supremacy seems to go hand in hand within Heathenry, the value of reclaiming symbols that have been appropriated by actual Nazis, and what it's like working as an ambassador for modern Paganism and Heathenry specifically in the Minnesotan prison system.

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